first-time buyers of new houses

Handy mortgage tips and pitfalls to avoid for first-time buyers of new houses in Hong Kong【星之谷專欄-南華早報】

As the vaccine programme continues to help contain the Covid-19 pandemic in Hong Kong, home prices have rebounded substantially in recent months. A flood of cheap money unleashed by global central banks has found its way into fixed assets including residential properties.

Agreement In Principle

Getting mortgage pre-approval to ensure a safe landing on your dream home in the UK【星之谷專欄-南華早報】

Hongkongers have emerged as among the most aggressive buyers of UK property, snapping up more than £305.6 million (US$430 million) of prime London homes in 2020. This trend is expected to continue under a new wave of emigration, as BN(O) passport holders are allowed to live in the UK under the new visa scheme.

mortgage approvals

Hong Kong banks ease up on mortgage approvals as vaccination programme boosts homebuyers’ confidence【星之谷專欄-南華早報】

A strong start to homebuying activity portends well for the housing and mortgage markets, suggesting it is likely hold up well for the rest of the year. With activity picking up, lenders are looking to approve more mortgage loans, slashing interest rates and offering cash rebates to gain market share.

mortgage insurance stress test

The devil is in the details of Hong Kong’s relaxed mortgage rules【星之谷專欄-南華早報】


  • The new measure is considered to be a “godsend” for first-time homebuyers
  • Double-income households can now afford to buy larger flats, compared with the nano flats they could only afford previously