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私貸信用卡欠款 可致被銀行收樓【星之谷專欄-經濟一週】

無論是貸款人或擔保人,向銀行申請按揭時,都會於申請表上發現「 All Monies」(無限額貸款)或「Fixed Amount」(定額貸款)兩個選項。以無限額貸款形式上會後,貸款人即使每個月都準時還清按揭貸款,其於同一銀行的所有貸款,包括私人貸款、稅貸或信用卡卡數等,銀行亦有權追訴至該按揭物業抵押品,極端情況是被銀行收樓拍賣,以追討貸款。

Bitcoin call loan

What to do when a bank calls your mortgage loan? Don’t panic. The problem can be easily fixed【星之谷專欄-南華早報】

  • Recently banks have been known to call or terminate a mortgage loan when you are in breach of the declared use of property and engage in cryptocurrency trading
  • If the bank calls your mortgage loan, you can refinance it with another bank. In the case of cryptocurrency, trade with a crypto-friendly bank instead